The Axis Point Consulting is an excellent choice for Building and Contracting Company in Dubai UAE offering tile fixing or marble flooring in Dubai. With our variety of designs, we take your home or the office space to the next level. We’re sure to offer a nelegant, high-end look to your space. We incorporate custom marble inlays into the design and our each floor is a custom work of art, setting your place apart. Our fixing or flooring is intricately designed with your specifications and taste in mind. Also, we choose the material that is environment-friendly.  


Asgar Ali is visionary founder and diving force behind the Axis Point Building and Contracting Company renowned for its exceptional project and unwavering commitment to quality. with a passion for constructing and keep eye for detail, Asgar Ali has established himself as a respected leader in the industry

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We are proud to have the best brains of the industry, thoroughly expert and professional. Our most competent team has proven track record of success. We believe in precision, pride and progress.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you hire the Axis Point, complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Our professional team works really hard so that you are satisfied with the results.

Professional Approach

Our professional attitude and the approach are the main differentiating factors. Our approach has made us the industry leader. Our construction activities are innovative at every level.

High Quality Work

When you hire us, high-quality work is guaranteed. Due to the superb quality that we offer, we stay ahead in the game, always. Our brand is synonym to qualitative results.

Quick In Response

Our quick response to the customers’ request is what matters the most. Get connected on our user-friendly website and our team will respond promptly to craft your curiosity.

Timely Project Delivery

We complete consumption Projects on time. Project success can be defined as meeting goals and objectives as prescribed in the project plan.

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Globally, capital investors, policy makers and communities are seeking trusted partners who can deliver efficient, healthy, resilient, culturally

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Andrew Mendez

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Walter Anderson

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Andrea Wright

Chief Financial Office

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Rachel Hanson

Project Menager

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