RCC Work

RCC Concrete for Construction Reinforcement Concrete (RCC), Concrete Slab Foundation, Concrete Residential Construction, Patio Pavers, Cement Binder, Driveway are complex works, proper high strength RCC structure and there are many steps and rules to be followed for durability.

Concrete is laid only in the presence of the representative of the employer or his authorized representative. After the surface has been prepared satisfactorily, the surfaces or construction joints on which the new concrete is to be laid are flush with a coat of clean cement grout or covered with a layer of mortar approximately 3 cm thick. Is. Mortar is a ratio of cement and sand to a regular concrete mix unless otherwise directed. The water-cement ratio of mortar is suitable for laying and working in the manner specified here. Mortar is spread evenly and works well into all irregularities of surfaces. The concrete was immediately placed on fresh mortar. In placing concrete against manufactured construction joints, special contact with the surface of the joints is achieved by careful puddles and spading with the aid of suitable equipment.

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