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Reinforced Concrete Cement (RCC) is fast becoming quite popular because it is very strong, easy to work with, adaptable, durable, affordable and versatile. Axis Point is one of the top brands offering world-class RCC work in UAE. We use this material for the construction of foundations to the rooftops of the buildings , highways, precast structures, floating structures, hydro-power tunnels, drains, irrigation canals and all other such conceivable structures. RCC is the combination of ordinary concrete with the reinforcement, that greatly improves its compressive and tensile strength. The term reinforcement is used as the steel bars make concrete even more stronger building material. We engineer RCC very carefully and mould in shapes that are not possible generally. This offers us the opportunity to prepare innovative and visually-intriguing designs. Our RCC work has excellent strength, tension and compression. There is an overall economy in using RCC as its maintenance cost is quite low. Its long-lasting nature is an added advantage. The other qualities of reinforced concrete include durability, resiliencce, energy efficiency and low-maintenance requirements. We’re the top RCC suppliers in Dubai. We place RCC into various shapes and therefore, it is more suitable for architectural requirements. Our RCC material is not affected by weather conditions such as rainfall, snowfall and may last for many decades. Also due to low permeability, concrete resists chemicals dissolved in water. These chemical such as sulphates, chlorides and carbon dioxide may cause corrosion in concrete. Precisely, this is the reason why RCC is the most appropriate and ideal material for underwater and submerged applications. We effectively use RCC in building pipelines, dams, canals and waterfront structures. The RCC may withstand heat for 2 to 6 hours, offering ample time to launch rescue operations in case of fire. The RCC buildings are more fire resistant as compared to other building materials. RCC can be conveniently used in high temperature and blast applications. The steel reinforcement offers more ductility to the structures and this helps engineers to prevent concrete damage well in time. Our properly designed RCC structures are extremely resistant to earthquake and other similar natural disasters. We apply RCC in the construction of;

–       Chimneys and Towers

–       Bridges

–       Flyovers

–       Roads

–       Floating Structures

–       Concrete Water Tanks

–       Foundations

–       Marine Structures

–       Pipes and Conduits

–       Buildings

–       Precast Works

–       Retaining Walls

–       Water Tanks

–       Bunkers and Silos

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